About us

DERYL Group specialises in remote-controlled camera platforms for various industries, such as film, media, digital content creation, GIS, agriculture, construction, search and rescue, etc. Our four main divisions provide wide variety of services to complement each-other’s offering for the best value proposal for our clients…

Our beginning goes back to 1994, when we first established a company specialising in computer graphics (CGI) and 3D animation in Slovak Republic. Providing photorealistic 3D visualisation services for architects from the Slovak Film Studios Koliba based office, it was not long before we landed our first feature film job – DragonHeart. Things began moving quickly…

Over the years we expanded to include complete production and postproduction services. Our aviation background and passion for flying naturally steered us to specialise in aerial filming and we quickly built a high reputation in several countries, including France, UK, Australia, Mexico and USA.

Our unique combination of skills, covering both creative and technical areas, allowed us to further expand into research and development. Creating various customised equipment and accessories, it was only a matter of time until we commenced full-blown commercial scale manufacturing contracts.

Since 2010 we have been permanently based in Japan, where we have established our new headquarters. When RC technology progressed to a level where it became possible to use remote-controlled aerial platforms to carry the new breed of cinema-quality digital film cameras, it was only natural that DERYL Group started to focus on this emerging industry.

Today our company provides services well beyond the film industry, expanding into areas such as construction, agriculture and even civic services for search and rescue. As one of the leading experts on aerial imaging, we also provide government-level consulting on the creation and implementation of new laws governing the use of unmanned aerial systems (UAS).

DERYL Studios: Core provider of filmmaking and imaging services for other production companies and clients.

DERYL Films: Our own in-house production company, focussed on the creation of high-quality digital content and media.

DERYL Research: Design and development of solutions related primarily to high-resolution digital imaging and remote-controlled stabilised motion camera platforms.

DERYL Gear: Our manufacturing division, creating equipment and accessories for both in-house use and sales to external clients.

While our services cover wide range – we do specialise in remotely-controlled camera platforms and have build up quite the reputation in this field. Please visit our services section for more details…

years of combined experience

creative and technical collaborators

skillfully executed projects

countries we have clients in worldwide


Meet our team

Our core team has key members responsible for their respective areas. We can then flexibly expand via our extensive freelance database and group of collaborators to fulfil the needs for projects of various sizes and complexities…



We are always on the lookout for like-minded, client-focussed creative and technical people to join our team. Feel free to contact us if you share our vision.


We appreciate the need for a sustainable future, always work with this in mind, and welcome the opportunity to contribute. Please get in contact if you have a related project.


We continue adding content and projects to this site, and as such it is an ongoing “work in progress”. Apologies for any errors in content… please let us know.


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