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3D terrain mapping is being extensively deployed into various industries – including construction, civil engineering, architecture, disaster response, search and rescue, mining, precision agriculture, natural resources management, archeology and more. Our solutions are based on precision aerial imagery that is then converted using specialised software tools into highly precise geo-referenced maps, mosaics and 3D models…



Construction, Civil Engineering and Architecture.

Increase your productivity, cut down delivery-time to clients and use our solutions for countless topographic applications. We acquire the required imagery from the ground and from the air, using UASs and manned aircraft. We will then convert your images into high-resolution, geo-referenced orthomosaics, DSMs, DTMs and point clouds and deliver visually perfect results in a matter of hours, from data acquisition to final result.

Get ready for construction site monitoring on a weekly or even daily basis! We can create survey-grade orthomosaics, DSMs and dense 3D point clouds almost instantly. We then repeat the process in fixed time intervals and analyze results over time to help you monitor contractors and construction advancements. We are also able to measure points, lines, surfaces and volumes directly in the software and annotate vector objects to seamlessly import them into your existing CAD or GIS software package.



Mining and Quarries.

Our solutions makes the management of extraction activities and environmental protection issues easy-to-handle, available on demand, and cost-effective, without exposing workers to dangerous conditions. Traditional surveying technology is labor, skill and cost-intensive, while our UAS-based solutions increases safety, efficiency and accuracy while keeping cost and labor to a minimum. We can produce orthomosaics, DSMs, DTMs and point clouds of pits and quarries to calculate volumes of extracted materials, volumes of stockpiles and monitor hot-spots or interesting site areas, etc.

This new and effective process of generating up-to-date information allows for continuous monitoring and well-structured decision making for any area of a mining site. Results obtained with our solutions are traceable over time in order to comply with environmental standards.



Natural Resources Management and Emergency Response.

Our solutions offer you to affordably create accurate and timely mosaics and models. We will enable you to create extensive inventories of natural resources, verify the enforcement of environmental regulations, and assess the vigor of vegetation with vegetation indices to name only some examples. Output results such as orthomosaics, DSMs, DTMs, contour lines etc. will integrate seamlessly into your existing GIS software. Our solutions offer you an efficient and affordable way to map and model natural areas, parks, reserves and nature conservation areas so that you can focus more time on the analysis of environmental data.

Effective emergency response needs fast and accurate on-site cartographic production. Our solutions provide fully automatic workflow needed to deliver this goal, all the while limiting operator errors to the very minimum. Unlike satellite imagery, orthomosaics and digital surface models produced by our solutions can be created immediately after the flight, even with cloudy skies.

In addition to on-site emergency operations, our technology allows you to monitor sensitive sites throughout the year for prevention purposes with the production of timely mosaics, DSMs, DTMs, contour lines and more.



Archeology and Cultural Heritage.

Using highly specialized sensors to acquire images from UASs, aircraft and the ground, we have opened doors to new mapping and modeling solutions that were impossible to achieve or too expensive and time-consuming to produce in the past. Our solutions produce highly-precise orthomosaics, DSMs, DTMs and 3D models in an affordable and efficient way.

The outputs produced are helpful to archaeologists: in identifying archaeological features to direct research and conservation efforts, as well as generating comprehensive topographic GIS data to support archaeological surveying and subsequent phases of excavation. They can also be used to document cultural heritage sites, all the while using our integrated edition tools to assess the 3D models created, annotate vector objects and seamlessly import them into CAD or GIS software packages. Even producing affordable topographic maps and models for landscaping, golf courses and property management are all growing applications for our innovative image processing technology.




Precision agriculture calls for continuous land management at a competitive cost. Localizing and quantifying hotspot areas in fields, orchards and vineyards is now made possible with a variety of indices that can be automatically created with our solutions. We acquire multi-spectral images either by UAV or manned aircraft, convert them to index maps such as NDVIs, DVIs, SAVI and many more. We then help you to convert the data into action by customizing index maps, creating application maps and exporting them seamlessly to your AG software or tractor display. This new technology generates up-to-date information and allows for continuous monitoring and well-structured decision making for any type of plant or crop. This can be further combined with our new FLIR-based systems to take your operations to a new level…




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