Extreme Aerials Package Aerial Filming Services

Category “S” – special UAFS:


  • Based on jet-powered BERGEN Observer Turbine UAV platform
  • Featuring variety of 3-axis stabilised cameras
  • Speeds up to 120 km/h (75 mph) powered by A1 Jet Fuel
  • Min. dual-operator 3-member crew (pilot, camera-op, safety officer)
  • Packages starting from ¥ 750.000,- / day

This UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) features DJI Ace One flight controller and autopilot system for ultimate safety and stability. It is powered by German-made JetCat jet engine and runs on standard A1 aviation jet fuel that needs to be purchased at an actual airport. We have the necessary permits and access, but need advanced notice to prepare adequate fuel for the required filming coverage. The Bergen Turbine Observer is a large UAV with 165 cm (65″) long body and 180 cm (70″) main rotor diameter, weighing around 25 kg (55 lbs) depending on its payload. The jet engine is very noisy – something that needs to be considered during production planing. We need sufficient time to prepare required permissions to fly in certain areas. It is mainly suitable to film high-speed subjects (such as cars) or larger open spaces that needs to be covered in short time. It fills the gap between electric multirotor systems and full-size aircrafts. Please contact us for more details…





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