Full-size Aircrafts Aerial Filming Services

We have been filming aerials from full-size aircrafts for well over 15 years on pretty much every continent in the world aside of Antarctica. For this purpose we have developed series of our own mounting and stabilisation solutions to suit variety of filming scenarios. Even our most compact hand-held solutions are stabilised using the world renowned Kenyon gyros. Because they do not attach physically to the actual aircraft – this allows us to any any available plane or helicopter even in the most remote areas. This drastically reduces the cost and we are able to offer packages starting from $ 2500,- USD for 2-hour flight – and that includes the helicopter with pilot, aerial DoP and professional stabilised digital cinema camera.

From filming WRC’s Rally of Nations in Mexico for ESPN, high-speed Shinkansen trains for Chris Tarrant’s Extreme Railway Journeys and the spectacular Sydney Harbour with the University of Sydney for Lenovo – all the way to filming Japan’s famous “Dekotora” decorated trucks for Swedish band Mando Diao – we handle wide range of shooting requirements for even wider range of clients. If your project needs aerials make sure to enquire with us for a competitive quote and no compromises on quality of final results…



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