Blimp-Cam Aerial Filming Services


Using UAS for aerial filming might not always be the best option. Some scenarios may have special safety concerns, or requirements. When you need longer flight-times (exceeding the usual 15~30 min of UAS), one of the options we can offer is the Blimp-Cam. As the name suggests – the fully 3-axis stabilised remote camera platform is suspended bellow a large custom-build blimp (non-rigid inflatable airship). With full remote control of all parameters, optics and movement and HD real-time video monitoring for both the operator and the client – we can safely execute the shots you need. As you can imagine – this solution is greatly dependable on wind conditions, however – unlike other UAS – it is capable of operating in rain and snow, providing the winds are within our limits. Please contact us for more details and to enquire about our packages…



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