Terrestrial Cinematography Terrestrial Filming Services

We can move camera platforms in all three elements – in the air, in (and on) the water and on the ground. Our “Terrestrial Cinematography” services basically involve filming on the ground. This is what is considered as the “traditional” cinematography – however our speciality in this area is motion. And we don’t mean motion in the sense of “Motion Pictures”. We literarily mean situations that require the camera platform to move. From simpler things like operating jib/crane, dolly and Steadicam or handheld camera stabiliser all the way to complex rigs on moving land vehicles (bikes, quad-bikes, cars, trains, etc…). Having said that – it does not mean that we can’t supplement the filming requirements with locked off tripod shot here and there… ;o)

But if you need to physically move the camera to get the shot that you need – we have all the possible alternative options and help you chose the one right for the job within the requirements of the production. Furthermore – we can then complement the scope of coverage with our aerial and aquatic services…

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